Illuminated Signage

Your Signage, Your Wrap!

Our in-house designers will work directly with you to design the signage to suit your specifications!

  • Neon Signage

  • L.E.D. Signboxes

  • Pylon Signs

  • Fabricated Acrylic Letters

  • Under Awning Signs


We specialize in Old School Neon Signs which seem to be making quite a comeback these days.

L.E.D Illuminated signage is the most modern and cost effective illuminated signage available on the market today.   The initial outlay is sometimes more expensive than neon, but the long term cost savings will almost certainly outweigh the initial extra cost of LED illuminated signs.  Large shopping centres are currently changing all the old neon to led’s because of the long term cost savings led signage can offer.

Fabricated acrylic letters, Under Awning Signs, Pylon Signs, Signboxes, all of these types of signs will grab attention from those non-illuminated signs around them.  Advertising day and night for maximum exposure to both pedestrians and vehicles passing your premises.

We can design signs to suit just about any budget.